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It’s all about the cornerstones!
It’s the core of your website, the content most dear to your heart, and it’ll help you rank for your most competitive terms. Today’s newsletter is all about cornerstone content! Whether you have a blog or an online shop, implementing a proper cornerstone strategy can greatly benefit your rankings. Find out how to start ranking with your cornerstones and how Yoast can help you with that.
PS: Is your WordPress site running on a recent version of PHP? Remkus explains why you should make sure it is: changes are coming to the minimum PHP requirements for WordPress!
** Rank with that cornerstone content! ———————————————————— How do you make sure your cornerstones rank well? It starts with writing a super awesome and exhaustive article for your site, sure. But it doesn’t stop there! Find out how to optimize your cornerstones and how to use your internal linking structure to take them to #1. And, also important, what not to do when trying to rank…
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** Learn how to rank sky-high with your content 🚀 ———————————————————— Need some help with ranking for your (cornerstone) content? The Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training teaches you how to get your content on point! In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your content based on the checks in the Yoast SEO plugin. The readability check, the cornerstone content check, the internal linking check… they’ll no longer hold secrets for you. Make sure you write content that ranks, get the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training ( !
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** PHP requirement for WordPress, Gutenberg 5.4 & more ———————————————————— This episode of Remkus Roundup in a nutshell: WordPress wants you to update your PHP, a new WooCommerce Dashboard is in the making and how Gutenberg is moving forward. It’s all about upcoming updates in the WordPress world! Remkus makes sure you’re up to speed on the latest news.
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** Yoast SEO Premium: Rank with cornerstone content ————————————————————
You probably already know that your cornerstone content is your most important content. You spent hours upon hours writing, researching and checking. You want it to rank. But have you considered linking to it from other blog posts? We understand it can be incredibly tedious to keep track of your internal linking structure.
In fact, we ran into that same problem. That’s why Yoast SEO Premium offers the orphaned content filter: the plugin calculates which blog posts do not get any internal links and thus are harder to find. Ranking those important pages has never been easier with the orphaned content filter.
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