Here’s How Much Space Super Mario Maker 2 Will Take Up On Your Switch


Double the fun.

If you've gone the digital route this generation, you'll be relieved to hear Super Mario Maker 2 won't take up too much of the space on your Switch when it arrives next month. With pre-loads now live, it's been confirmed the game requires a total of 2.8GB of free space.

As little as it is when compared to certain other big-name Switch releases, it's still close to twice the size of the original game's digital version released on the Wii U. The first Super Mario Maker required close to 1.5GB of free space. So in other words, the second game has double the amount of content in it! We suspect the new Super Mario 3D World game style and brand new story mode have added to this, along with the new recordings from veteran Super Mario series composer Koji Kondo.

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